Knowing Umer “Bullet Tooth” Kayani

Umer is known as the people’s champion among his abundance of fans. A personality that entertains in so many ways. Umer gives to charity and has the people’s best interests at heart, he contributes any which way he can and doesnt give up.

Our day out with Umer was such an adventure, he took us on a tour of High Wycombe and introduced us to the many familiars that interact with him on a daily basis. Umer treated us to lunch and we also got to go to his gym out in the middle of nowhere with Mr Gary Banks.

Umer is fightng at UCMMA 39 on 3rd May 2014 so show support and go see him at the fight against Arunas Slicius!

Knowing Dayman Lake

Get to know the real Dayman Lake in this extensive interview where the “Godzilla” shows how smart and ready he really is!

Knowing Ricky Campbell

We caught up with Ricky Campbell from Combat Sports Academy ahead of his UCMMA 34 fight against Makunga Bunduku to find out more about him not only as a fighter but as a person as well. Enjoy!

Knowing Mike “The Nightmare” Neun Exposed

MMATalk is most proud to present a complete expose of Mike “The Nightmare” Neun ahead of his fight against Darren Mcnamee at Fight Scene 6 in Brentwood on April 20th 2013.

Thanks to Keddle’s gym down in Orpington for being our studio for the day :) An amazing gym with an equally great vibe about it and some incredibly coaches. There will be a video review uploaded very soon I just need to find the time to edit it this week!

Also thanks to the great Robert Storey (Twice world Muay Thai champion, European and British champion as well as one time Anglo Irish, International and Southern Area Muay Thai Champion) for holding the pads and working Neun out for the camera.

I hope you enjoy this as Mike is a top lad with some insightful things to say and some great banter thank you so much for your time Mike and best of luck with the fight this weekend!

Here it is:

Preparing for a fight!

In recent months I have been training several hours a day for 6 days a week and mostly I got the motivation when I was told I may be up for a fight at S.B.M.M.A’s Sunday Brawl in Crystal Palace (I was not matched up in the end). The thought of having a fight in the near future motivated me on a whole new level and I began to understand the addiction in fighting in the cage.

I do not have a coach as such as I have been one for over 10 years myself and have trained in mixed martial arts for 23 years. However I train at an old school boxing gym on my own and with various sparring partners when available but there are some great trainers at Islington Boxing Club who create a real family type atmosphere in there and they had great advice for me. In particular a young coach who was trained by Tyson’s sparring partner and ex trainers made sure I realised just how hard it is to compete as I have always been very much a practical, street focused, fighter.

He said some interesting stuff as he is an ex pro boxer and has watched the MMA scene develop in the UK but is not impressed by the training. He taught me that the battle is in fact won in the training not in the ring. You make the training ten times harder than the battle so you have already won before it comes. Also he said I should never fight at my street weight, in fact, I should cut down a few stone so I have zero fat on my body and am in a couple divisions lower than what my bone and muscle structure is built for and that way I will destroy my opponent. He showed me how when you compete at your street weight you are fighting two opponents, the other guy and yourself!

Here I am at 75kg, according to my mate, Anthony, I want to drop down to at least 60kg if I want to get in the cage and win. After he put me through some Tyson workout routines I totally agree with him and understand just how much fitter I could really be!!


I had a couple nights poor sleep here and there during all this training (which I am still doing daily) and noticed how just a slight bit of sleep deprivation can really set me back in training! So I posed the question on my Facebook and had some interesting responses from some pro fighters so here they are:

FB Question: Trainin was so hard today due to lack of proper sleep last night. So a question for pro fighters: how the hell do you get a good nights sleep the night before a fight??

NeilGroveNeil Grove: You don’t. I try and distract myself by watching a movie and or spending time with my family. It’s all about the sleep two nights before your fight. On the day of the fight, a car nap here and there helps!



RadcliffeJason Radcliffe: So so true! I make sure I get max amount of sleep 2 days before fight night.also taking my mind off da fight so ill watch a film, or bake a cake!




MikeNeunMike Neun I do, I sleep like a baby, all the hard work is done, whatever will happen will happen, I’ve eaten, I’ve re-hydrated, I love the sleep I get the night before..




LintonVassellLinton Vassell: I sleep like a baby the night before as well, it’s good to watch a movie and carb up and rehydrate, but everyone handles it different Thomas, also i do like a nap here and there on the way down and in the hotel when i arrive.




JamesThompsonJames “The Colossus” Thompson took the time to give me some personal advice once he heard I may face a fight of my own because James is lovely like that. Definitely make sure you check out his FB page for some witty updates and general crazy adventures of his as well as his addictive and genius blogs: Colossal Concerns (regarding MMA) and Colossal Concerns 2: This time it’s personal (random misc James Thompson madness!)

James ‘The Colossus’ Thompson: Alright Thomas sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Yeah sleep and rest are so important, I mean your going to put your mind and body though a lot so it needs to be rested. It can be hard to sleep as even if your body is tired your mind is still going, working out ways to win or what you’ll do here or there.

The key is to accept that it’s a fight anything can happen and over thinking it doesn’t help. I have a basic plan how I want the fit to go and if it goes off that plan how to get it back on as quickly as possibly. But that’s it if you get to set in a detailed plan, if it goes off plan it can throw you.. 

If I can I like to see we’re I’m fighting the day before or as early as possibly so I’m familiar with it. I know where the changing rooms and toilets are its only a little thing but it helps me

Also I remember its OK to be nervous in fact it’s good to be nervous it’s your body way of getting you ready. The key is don’t let your mind defeat you before or during or even after the fight . You’ve agreed to do, do it, full force. Give everything you have, I know this sounds cheesy but if you do that you can’t lose. The fight like all fights and what every level your at is with your self.

Thanks a lot to everyone for their input and hope this helps anyone out there who is just starting out!

Why Safe MMA means prosperity ..and what you can do to help!


The U.K M.M.A scene is a hive of activity filled with passionate people from show hosts to photographers, writers, videographers, interviewers, trainers and of course the fighters. Yet there is a serious lack of money flying around on all levels.

We have whole teams of media putting in work from their heart hoping that one day they will secure a sponsor or a contract of some kind and make some money out of it.

Even fighters turning up and breaking out sweat and blood for no purse or some commission on ticket sales here and there.

All in all the scene if beautiful as it is full of people who have genuine love for the sport and its thriving with passion. We all want to see it succeed and grow and we are all putting our work in to help it happen and especially not ignoring grass roots M.M.A. That gives the U.K scene something really special and it is just addictive to be a part of!

The problem we face is that as much as we all love it and see it as a sport we live in a place where it is still very much seen as something vulgar, dangerous and gratuitously aggressive.

Safe M.M.A is our first real step to showing people that it is safe and is well looked after. The joke of it all is that boxing and other sports have more deaths per year than M.M.A has broken bones!

In fact when we attend U.F.C as press we are given fact sheets and one that really stood out was that statistically M.M.A is safer than cheerleading!

What people do not realise is that it is safer to actually be knocked out and end the fight than to be bashed around for countless rounds.

You see the damage comes after you have been knocked down and dazed but are allowed to get up and continue in a daze, that is when brain damage happens, but if they let you get knocked out properly and then end the fight completely it is much safer.

So with Safe M.M.A testing fighters and promoting safety within the sport it also gives a more professional and sport like feel to it all. Companies in the U.K are very cautious and need as much reassurance as possible.

This is not where the buck stops though, we all have a responsibility and role to play, as there is still a lot of people setting us back in the game. If you are press the cover it professionally as a sport do not depict it as some barbaric event using trashy headlines and giving it an aggressive cave man feel.

Most of all it is the fighters themselves along with the show hosts. I have seen a lot of fighters with big mouths feeling really cool hurling insults and what not across the conference table at weigh-ins.

Quite frankly its shameful because that only makes it entertainment to a certain audience who all share a single brain cell and are most definitely NOT the people that companies with the money to sponsor you are marketing to!

It can be entertaining without the schoolboy shit talk, go and do some English classes if need be, and quite frankly as fighters you should not even be talking like that as in the U.K we know that anyone who is a lad and is worth his salt knows that the ones who can do it don’t talk it they walk it.

Being a humble warrior will get you far and get you respect among people who’s respect is actually worthwhile and can be turned into money thus attracting large sponsorships and contracts which will in turn attract purses and fight bonuses!

So saying things like eff your mum and “no homo” really is not going to get you anywhere that is just juvenile and gives the whole sport a trashy feel to it.

I feel sorry for promoters who work their nuts off to put on a big entertaining show and have a handful amidst the fighters who behave like the class clown and lower the tone of the whole thing thus setting us all back meaning prolonged work and effort for little or no pay!

I am proud to be part of something in its infancy where everyone is actually chipping away with it and yet still working on their personal jobs to put food on the table hoping this will turn into their main bread and butter. That says a lot about the people we have involved as it shows we have real passion not just commercial goals.

However at the end of the day love don’t pay the bills so lets pull our socks up and start by all signing up to Safe M.M.A and improving our general attitude especially the front-line fighters we need you to be professional superstars as well as the bravest men in Britain!

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